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A definitive platform bringing together a leading class of mental health and nutrition professionals. Our brand was created out of a sincere understanding and passion for anticipating, and fulfilling individual psychological needs and lifestyle needs, while defining superior service.

Tüscher Nutrition provides a one-stop shop for innovative and  therapeutic treatment of eating disorders, mental health disorders, addictions, body image, and optimal wellness.

Wellness,’ is defined as a way of life that focuses on the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of our clients. We strive to make a difference every day, while delivering all aspects of wellness, with integrity, and honesty, to provide inspiration for change.

We aim to strike the perfect balance between the educational, spiritual, and emotional; the physical, mental, social and environmental.

From comprehensive therapeutic and nutrition consultancies, to tailor-made individualised wellness programs and personalized menu development – you will find it all here at Tüscher Nutrition International Ltd.