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Nutritional Analysis,

Nutrition Fact Labelling,

& Nutrition Consultancy Services,

to Reinforce your Brand & Image…..

Complete Range of Food Business and Nutrition Consultancy Services Include:


  • Menu/Recipe Evaluation & Consultancy


  • Nutrition PR & marketing strategies


  • Analysis for cookbooks and magazines


  • Food label review for regulatory compliance  (e.g., trans fat and allergen statements)


  • Food and/or supplement FDA and government approved nutrition analysis based on client information and procedures:


    • Hospitality/Restaurant Menu Nutrition Analysis:

• Customized detailed nutritional profile – per portion, or per 100g

• Recipe modification without compromise of textures and flavours

• Brand Customized Nutrition Facts Labels


    • Product Nutrition Facts Analysis/Labels:

• Nutrition Facts Formatted Label – (camera ready) includes trans-fat

• Serving size determination

• Servings per container

    • Supplement Facts Analysis/Labels


  • Submission of recipes/products to be provided electronically via email


  • Guarantee of exceptional turnaround times.
Nutritional Analysis is required by:
  1. Manufacturers – Nutrition Facts panels are required on most food products sold in the U.S, Asia and Europe.
  2. Restaurants – Required when nutrition or health claims are used; i.e. “low fat”
  3. Restaurants where state or local laws require nutrition labeling for menus, pamphlets and menu boards
  4. Cookbook authors and food editors


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